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HVAC Duct Cleaning

Cleaning your HVAC ducts is part of the regular preventative maintenance to ensure your system is preforming at its peak ability. Cleaning the ducts can help reduce electricity consumption and increase the lifespan of your unit.

According to the EPA, Americans spend, on average, 90 percent of their time indoors, where the levels of pollutants are usually 2 to 5 times higher than the typical outdoor levels. As a result, this can cause higher occurrences of allergies and asthma attacks. If you and your family are having issues with allergies, asthma, respiratory illnesses, or even frequent cold symptoms, it could be time for air duct cleaning.
We can test for the presence of microbial growths such as the following:

These can be detected with the use of our microbial test kit. These types of growths and/or allergens can cause serious health concerns for you and your family.

Elite Clean and Restoration can perform a test to determine your need for cleaning and restoration from these harmful growth and allergens. Contact us for more information and a consultation to determine the ideal course of action and cleaning process. The cleaning and restoration process are done with the use of non-toxic and non-hazardous formula and is more cost effective than traditional test methods.

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